Oğul Köseoğlu

Translator and interpreter based in Turkey, providing services in English and Turkish.

I mainly focus on human rights law, journalism, social theory, and literature.
Experienced localization linguist. Notary certified legal translator. Bachelor of letters. Reader. Chess player.

Nâzım Hikmet’s poems In the Snowy Beech Forest and On Living, co-translated with Lydia Host, to be published in Poetry Magazine

Oktay Rifat’s poem Starry View, co-translated with Lydia Host, published in The Southern Review

Clooney Foundation for Justice TrialWatch Fairness Report on the case of Academic for Peace Tuna Altınel

DEMOS Research Association’s report on LGBTI+ and women’s organizations’ struggle for peace in Turkey

The Idea of Revolution: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Étienne Balibar

David Damrosch’s acclaimed book on literary theory: What Is World Literature?

Stories by TV4’s Terese Cristiansson from the disaster zone in Turkey

Filip Jacobson, a Swedish journalist wrote about our work in his chronicle


Oğul Köseoğlu

Born in Muğla, in the southwestern coast of Turkey on July 27, 1983. Studied at the Languages Department in Muğla Anatolian High School. Studied American Literature in Hacettepe University, Ankara. Graduated from the Comparative Literature department of Istanbul Bilgi University. Localization linguist. Certified legal translator registered at Muğla 1st and Istanbul 19th notary public.

Roket Muroğlu

Born in Emirgan, Istanbul in July 2018 in a family of community cats living on the street. Studied toy-hunting and aerial acrobatics. Hunts flies, bugs, spiders, lizards, and mice. Responsibilities include waking up the human quite early in the morning, project management and financial operations.


Terese Cristiansson

Journalist, Author, Foreign News Correspondent at TV4, Sweden

I have worked with Ogul all over Turkey for several years and I am always amazed by his professionalism. Besides his professional skills he is very good in networking, meeting people and to travel with. I can not recommend him enough.

Elena Monicelli

Director at the Peace School Foundation of Monte Sole, Italy

We had the chance to work with Ogul in beautiful Istanbul. He accompanied us for three days of intense and interactive workshops. He was able to gently understand every slight nuance of us speaking and of the participants responding. He is a very nice person and it is impossible not to trust firstly his work and then his smile. Thank you, Ogul.


Get in touch, send me an e-mail at contact@ogulkoseoglu.com


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